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Are you actually pasting text into qatapult or sending it in some way via autohotkey ? If you send it as char it would be as if you hit the . key, and as qatapult is doing some special use with it it doesn't work. Autohotkey also has special send commands that behave differently, one of them might work better...
-ecaradec (February 11, 2012, 09:59 AM)
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Tried a few of the Send* commands without much success.  If none of them work, may be I'll try pasting.

None of the following worked:

* Send
* SendRaw
* SendInput
* SendPlay
* SendEvent
However, doing the following first does:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---Send, .    Send, {BackSpace}
Pasting seems to work fine.

Here's what Calculate usage looks like now:



The implementation uses AutoHotkey.dll -- the text is just evaluated by AHK.

Is there some way to input newlines / CRs in text mode?  It looks like pasting text with them works.

If there isn't a way already and it's worth doing, may be some modifier + Enter?  I think I've seen Alt+Enter as well as Shift+Enter.

Not sure how multiple lines might end up working when using text values as arguments though...may be temporary files might be used for communication to / from Qatapult?

Wow ! Very impressive ! The integration is awesome, especially considering what you have access to. Yes a shift+enter is totally possible for entering new lines. I'll probably use it for the email as well : taking the first line as the object and the rest as the body.


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