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Welcome back pigeonlips,

I'm trying your new skin and it will be included in my next release.

nice thanks.

couple of things .

Typo in my last comment.

#> textex just pastes text. Can be fixed by changing line 13 to " <script>paste(qatapult.getArgValue(0, "status"))</script> "
--- End quote ---

lol textex just pastes "Test" - pasting text doesnt sound to bad.

Also i'm working on another skin. Don't know if its something that's just affecting me, or by design but i can not draw anything > 600

ui.fillRectangle(0, 0, 1680, 50, 0x88FFFFFF);
ui.drawInput(10,10, 1680, 50);

tried all sorts of widths but it looks like i can only get up to 600? ANything over this causes the fillrectangle to just draw a box 600 in w, draw input stops displaying after 600. I only ask as I was going to try my hand at a new skin that expands the whole monitor.

You're correct, 600 is currently the size of the window. I need to detect the largest thing that is displayed to enlarge it on demand. However you need to know that I keep a buffer of the whole window in memory and Windows needs to do the same for this kind of window : a very large window could potentially be slow and eat a lot of memory, so that kind of skin might be impratical on some PC.

Still, I would love to see what you have in mind. Ask if you need something, I'll try to find a way.

Just a word to keep you informed of changes :

I'm trying to add multiple object selection. It partially works, but I still need to add some extra changes. This is a bit long, because it involves changing the structure of Qatapult a bit, but this is just normal code clean up. It has to happens sometimes.

I've made a fix to allow to create skins larger that 600, but for the precedent reason, I can't release right now.

Also I've fixed that paste issue in the textex plugin... Thanks pigeonlips.


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