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I don't know about the aesthetics of it, but the following display idea came up:

1. Press comma
2. Current pane extends vertically (like a stack?)

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I think, I'll let skins handle that. I was considering doing something similar to QS as a default : putting extra arguments icon under each items. But that's going to be totally customisable in others skins.

History is something you'd need probably more access that you currently have. The history I though was most interesting is an history of rules, I really think that objects are insufficient, you want to repeat an action usually, not get the previous object. However I totally like the idea, and this is going to find its way into Qatapult.

Collecter is a a mistake. Thanks.

I just spotted that autohotkey has a dll version

Embedding that would allow to build scripts plugin directly with autohotkey.

FWIW, AutoHotkey.dll is what I've been using for at least one earlier Qatapult plugin -- the Calculate one.

For reference, below is a bit from Calculate.ahk:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---; XXX: ScriptText should have #Persistent and a function def;      Pass the script's text using ScriptText;      Pass the name of the function in using FuncNameRunFuncInScriptWithInputText(ScriptText, FuncName, InputText){  ; XXX: before didn't need to muck with path...  AhkDll := AhkDllThread(A_ScriptDir . "\..\AHK\AutoHotkey.dll")  ;OutputDebug, % "Script content: " . ScriptText  AhkDll.ahkTextDll(ScriptText)  OutputDebug, % "Value passing to script: " . InputText  Result := AhkDll.ahkFunction(FuncName, InputText)  OutputDebug, % "Script returned: " . Result  AhkDll.Terminate()  Return Result} Calculate(InputText){  FuncName := "Calculate"  ScriptText := "#Persistent`n`n"              . "#NoTrayIcon`n`n"              . FuncName . "()`n"              . "{`n"              . "  Result := " . InputText . "`n"              . "  Return % Result . A_Space`n" ; XXX: convert to string              . "}`n"  Result := RunFuncInScriptWithInputText(ScriptText, FuncName, InputText)  Result := RTrim(Result)  ; XXX: consider whether to modify trailing zeros  Return Result}
AutoHotkey.dll asideAutoHotkey.dll has some nice features and the developer (HotKeyIt) is usually pretty responsive about bug reports, but docs for his things are not always up-to-date.

I've uploaded a new version. This is the ground for the future settings ui that should be more usable. You can now enable and disable plugins from the UI. There is also a ton of less memory leaks.

There are new functions that you can use by doing a require("lib/clipboard.js") : they are clip and paste. Paste can optionally take a text to paste. You can also do a sendinput but it's currently limited to printable characters only. If you feel like improving it, I'll be happy to take your version and put it in Qatapult.

Both functions are built with direct call to win32 dll from javascript using the dynamic wrapper. Have a look to clipboard.js in lib if you want to see what it looks like.

There is a new jsmath plugin that eval javascript as a way to evaluate mathematical expression. Start a query with = on the first pane to trigger it. It work well but doesn't handle the display exactly the way I would like : The perfect thing ihmo would be to have a custom display on the first pane that display both the expression and the result, then a second pane with the operation. The current thing use 3 panes. I think that it might  be worthwhile that we use some specially named values that skins could detect and handle display for a large number of types instead of handling types individually like we do today : skins could be more versatile that way ihmo.

I've also fixed the collecter things as ewemoa suggested => please use now collector.js for your plugins now.

I've uploaded a new version. This is the ground for the future settings ui that should be more usable. You can now enable and disable plugins from the UI. There is also a ton of less memory leaks.-ecaradec (April 09, 2012, 05:18 PM)
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Thanks for the new version!

Just a quick note -- I no longer see "Quit" or "Reload".  This is with a fresh install on Windows XP SP3.

Any ideas?


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