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I had a look at it. I thought is would be possible to use the stream property, but there seem to be no access to bytes. There seems to be ways to do that with ADODB objects, but using properties of objects that are not made for that purpose is not really nice.

Also I've tried to read the registry though WMI calls and it was painfully slow... My original idea was that libffi was the solution. The issue was that it would be relatively long to implement.

However I've also found this activex component that might be easier to integrate as it already provide the activescripting binding :

It's a script component that allows to do native call to dll. It's not as clean as libffi but if it works for you I might integrate that into Qatapult. That would make possible to build a javascript library to read files, etc... I've not tried it but as it's a component you should be able to play with it on you computer to evaluate if it's solve your problem.

If that works we could build a set of js libraries to call native functions more easily.

Let me know.

Thanks for the leads.  I hope to take a look soon.

I also came across ADODB.Stream, but didn't determine whether it's usable without extra installation.  I didn't try it, but found the following concerning byte-access:


Then there's access to characters:


It looks like at least one of these was used by:

DynaCall looks promising!  Is it correct that using RegSvr32.exe is required to get it working?

Yes regsvr is required but this is for the short term. If it proves a viable solution I can integrate it inside Qatapult.

Thanks for the clarification.

Below is a short sample expanding on your example -- it uses the script capability via plugin.xml.

All it does is allows one to take one-line notes via "Add Line Note", and view them via the linenote catalog item.  (BTW, is there a way to specify the name that gets used for the catalog item apart from renaming the plugin directory?)

MD5: 8f82449b43a6d27ba63c2c9a09691d7d

Tested on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


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