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I installed script debugger as you suggested and there is no crash now -- at least on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

I tried uninstalling script debugger and starting Qatapult -- it crashed again on start up.

Great, I know what's the issue now ;)

I hope that means you have an idea of how to fix it :)

An additional data point -- similar situation with Windows XP Pro SP3: crash without Script Debugger installed, and no crash with Script Debugger installed.

Yes, JScript debugger needs that you create interfaces for them to connect but they are only available if a debugger is available (nothing says that, that's just observations I learned latter from building fscript )

What does the query parameter to the collect function represent?  Does it correspond to what a user has typed for the currently focused pane?

When I used the typeof operator, I got back that query is a string, but when I try to see what the value is by writing it to a file, I think I'm seeing a blank value.  Code modified so that file is appended to -- and consequently non-empty query values also show up.

Below is some code trying to make its way toward becoming a plugin :)

--- Code: Javascript ---function collect(query, results) {  var fso, f, of, ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8;  //  if (!results.expects('TEXT')) {    return;  }  fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");  //  of = fso.OpenTextFile("plugins\\OpenWith\\log.txt", ForAppending, true);  of.WriteLine("query: " + query);  //  ext = pathToExtension(query);  if (ext === null) {    ext = "NONE";  }  //  of.WriteLine("ext: " + ext);  of.close();  //  f = fso.OpenTextFile("plugins\\OpenWith\\" + ext + ".txt");  //  while (!f.AtEndOfStream) {    l = f.ReadLine();    if (qatapult.match(l, query)) {      results.addObject('TEXT', l, {'key': l, 'text': l});    }  }  f.Close();} function pathToExtension(path) {  var ma;  ma = /\.([^\\.]*)$/.exec(path);  if (ma === null) {    return null;  }  return ma[1];}


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