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Thanks for the new release :)

- the bad background bug detected by ewemoa should be a thing of the past too
-ecaradec (February 27, 2012, 02:44 PM)
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With the inline skin, I still get truncation:


Also, with the default skin I noticed evidence of a fourth pane -- may be when it is unwanted?


- the clock is gone, I don't think it was very useful and it was difficult to keep with the current changes. It will come back later.

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I support this type of thinking and action -- even if you said "It MAY come back later" :)

I briefly tested:

--- Code: Text ---<settings>        <general>                <font>MS Mincho</font>
It seems to work so far -- since J works, may be C and K will too :)

This was all under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

$0.display was missing and while testing i had 'new' in the args bit. Corrected the post again.

skinning is fun!

The first and the last rule in the bookmark plugin is a 4 items rule. I think that's your issue ewemoa, but I don't know what's the purpose of that 4th argument. It doesn't seem used.

$0.display was missing
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It's possible that some $x.display miss in the last version. I replaced some by $x.text that is valuable for most kind of items : It's more standard.


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