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SC doesn't capture cursor on web pages

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Okay, you got me there.  I am using driverzone to find drivers that need updating, and discovered there is a newer version.  I'll try that and see what happens.

Honestly I don't think there is a mystery here as to the cause -- I don't think the cursor is captured in region select mode because the cursor is typically outside of the region as you select the end point of the region.

I updated the nvidia driver to vga_driver_nvidia_xp32_285.66, but the problem persists.

@mouser, but the mouse cursor disappears immediately when I push the printscreen button.  It dissappears even before I select any region.  Really, I'm not so inept,however, as to complain that the cursor isn't being captured in a place where the cursor didn't exist. :tellme:  I know I am capturing the area where the mouse cursor was.  However, since I updated the nvidia driver, I find that I can't capture the mouse cursor at all in a select-region command.  But it does capture the mouse in window-capture mode, and whole-screen mode.

I dont think SC captures the mouse pointer *anywhere* when using "Grab selected region" (Shift+PrtScr).
Well it doesnt for me anyways...

If text is active, the text cursor is captured with this method.


hm, I've (just a few minutes ago) captured regions with cursor on FireFox 9 without hassle (select a region, then repeat last size & pos moving the cursor inside the region the second time), but then I'm on Win7 (x64), so that might be the 'solution'?
--- End quote ---

Hmm...  Maybe I am inept....  I think I understand now.  I'm sorry, fellows, I assumed that SC would capture the cursor too with Grab Region.  It never occurred to me that it wasn't the case, so long as "capture cursor" was enabled.  After y'all's comments, I figured I must be missing something.  And, well, now I know I was.

It seems like a lot of steps: Start Capture Region, select region, discard image (I use the popup), reposition mouse in the invisible location (where you have to remember the bounds), and then "Repeat Grab" and then accept the image (with the popup, again) - all to get a grabbed region with the mouse cursor.  Maybe this could be an option, therefore?  To me, it seems very intuitive to "Grab Region" and get the mouse cursor if "Capture Cursor" is enabled.

Thanks for y'all's comments - now I understand what is happening.


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