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SC doesn't capture cursor on web pages

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Salvete!  I use SC to capture portions of my sharepoint site, and then I send the images in email via thunderbird in order to show people how to do things (I am admin).  My problem is that SC won't capture the mouse cursor inside of any web page.  It will capture any open menu, highlighted menu item, or anything else - just no mouse cursor!  And I need it to capture that.  Is there a setting I have missed?  I can capture the mouse cursor in all other programs - just not Firefox.

Strange, it's capturing cursor here on firefox.  What operating system are you using? What capture mode are you using? Do you have the option set to Capture Cursor?   It's in right-click context menu.

Oh!  I'm sorry.  That was dumb of me not to give system stats.  I am using Windows XP Pro and SC v2.103.01, and Firefox 9.0.1.  Yes, "capture cursor" is checked in the system tray menu.

I push printscreen, then select the area, just like normal, and when the "New Screenshot" window appears, there is no cursor in the image, even then.  I know, it seems strange to me too.  But I have always had this problem with SC - and I've been using it for several years now.  I've never been able to capture the mouse cursor.  As soon as I push printscreen, the cursor disappears - and it happens like that only in Firefox and Thunderbird.  Every other program will allow the cursor to be captured.

I push printscreen, then select the area,
--- End quote ---

Try doing a whole screen capture (or active window capture), rather than a REGION capture.  And tell me if that captures the cursor.

That captures it!


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