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Lost My Faith - Need New Religion - Need LAMP Help...

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Everyone that knows me knows that I've been pro Microsoft and hailed Bill Gates as a hero for his philanthropy.

I take it all back. I was wrong.

My faith has been utterly shattered.

I've posted a little bit about how I've seen that Bill Gates is firmly a part of the dark side here:

I am locked into Microsoft in many ways, and know that I can't escape easily.

So, I'm looking for help.

I run Windows Server for www, ftp, and email.

I'm running DotNetNuke as the CMS for most sites that I have. I love DNN, but at this point, I can't see sticking with it simply because I don't want to deal with any headaches in the future when trying to run it on a LAMP stack.

I'd like to move onto a LAMP stack ASAP. This will take me quite some time as I need to move a lot of things from one server to another first so that I can cut costs before I go out and get another server. Sigh...

I'm currently thinking that I should simply flee as far from the proprietary world as possible. I'm thinking that the closer to pure GPL I can get, the better. However, I'm waffling on the Apache/Mozilla/GPL/BSD and similar "freedom" licenses as well.

I still need to move my domains away from GoDaddy as well. At the moment, I'm thinking that I should go with I have 58 domains, and many are live sites, so I really don't want to jump the gun and make a mess of things.

However, I don't really think it will make much of a difference if my domains are held by a Canadian vs. US company, as Canada seems to be going down the same dark path...

Anyways, here's what I need:

* New domain registrar

* New server OS

* New CMS

* New email server or hosted email

* New host

* New dunno... did I forget something?
My primary requirement is very simple: things need to be simple and easy to use. I'm not looking to recompile an OS or anything. I want to get things transferred and up and running ASAP.

I'm thinking that I should probably go for a VPS instead of a dedicated server. I'm quite frankly a bit sick of paying so much, and would like to reduce costs. However, I still want flexibility, freedom, and reliability. I'm willing to pay for it. I'm not looking for the cheapest solution out there.

So far my initial thoughts are:

* Domain registrar: or Namecheap

* Server OS: Linux - Suse? CentOS? Not sure... Solaris or BSD? seems like it will be difficult, which I want to avoid. BSD?

* CMS: Drupal and WordPress (Joomla is messy)

* Email: Gmail or postfix? Not sure... Using hMailserver now

* Host: VPS - no idea... With Softlayer at the moment...
Anyone care to weigh in with some recommendations on systems that will maximize my freedom?

Thanks in advance!

NOTE: I am already doing research on things. I'm not being lazy. I'm asking because I value people's opinions here. There are a lot of very smart people here at DC, with a truckload of experience, and that I TRUST. Big point there. Anonymous reviews and all that stuff out there... Not so keen on that when I don't know the people.

Disappointing, I'd want to hear more details before jumping to conclusions. The purchase of shares seems to be a fact rather than rumor so there's no spin on that.


“The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”
Spoken like a true eugenicist!  He wants to kill 15% of the global population through vaccines.  His Foundation has already been responsible for forced vaccinations at gunpoint, so I suppose this isn’t any new surprise.-
--- End quote ---

Well that source clearly has zero credibility or reason. Not a good start for the anti-bill side :-\

[edit]Also oops didn't realise this thread was more for the technical advice so I'll stop dragging it OT? Sorry :-[

Stoic Joker:
The question I would ask, is what are BG's intentions for the purchase? It could be construed as an endorsement of their actions, true ... However, it could also be an attempt at gaining some manner of steerage/control of what they're doing in the hopes of tempering it with a less homicidal form of reason.

I'll not get into the MS evil part but let's discuss about LAMP migration and other stuff.

Domain registrar :- and, gossimer or any other enom based registrar is okay. Just double check if you're thinking about any other registrar because most of them are godaddy re-sellers. Also note that UK or eu based registrars are more expensive and costs 2$ extra for same domain price+ additional for features which you get free from most of the US based registrars, so avoid EU registrars if you have large number of domains in queue. I don't think moving small biz and commercial domains to non-us host is going to make sense, I mean SOPA is against freedom of speech, not commercial content or small biz. So upto you to decide..

Server OS : There is a lot of documentation available for CentOS and UBuntu, Suse. I've invested more time with centos and suse.Ubuntu is going to be next if any client comes with such request. Start by installing VM with one of these distros in it. Break things in VM before doing anything on live site.

CMS: Wordpress is fine and gets work done quickly compared to drupal and joomla, I found these two sucking my time for even simple things. You can use drupal or joomla if there are complex apps but other than that for simple blogs, static sites and form based sites wordpress is enough.

EMail: I think google apps for domain is fine and you get enough stuff that you need for typical mailing tasks.If you have too many domains to deploy then better to use external service like google apps because using your server is going to be waste time during maintenance and server transfer. In case of google apps all you have to do is change MX records in new VPS or server to fetch mails.

Host: I find it odd to suggest anything against softlayer because they're popular and known for their service. It's just that there are some glitches with them these days. I know rackspace(and their VPS division slicehost), knowhost are some good VPS hosts.

My 2 cents.


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