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I link to have a thread with pointers to reviews and recommendations of my programs.

So users can visit to read more opinions about our programs, and most importantly so that our users can easily go and leave their comments for others to read.  If you like our programs, it's one of the best ways you can help - it let's people know the software is actually being used by real people who like it.

Made someone's best of 2011 list -- yay!

There are plenty of diary programs for the computer, ranging from the very simple to the complex. WebcamVideoDiary, though, brings the journal concept into the 21st century by letting you easily create a video diary using your Web cam. You could do this yourself using a couple of different pieces of software, but WebcamVideoDiary puts them together in one easy-to-use package. You get a straightforward interface for recording your video comments, along with space to keep any text notes that you'd like.
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