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Kopimism - a newly-formalised religion

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Stoic Joker:
(Bravo! Where did you study intro theology?)-40hz (January 08, 2012, 03:38 PM)
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Same place I studied the rest of it, from inside by way of observation. In my youth I bounced from religion to religion after becoming disillusioned with the one I was raised it. I quickly learned that - As Shades stated above - "Truth" is highly subjective. However Wicca stood out above the rest (I was in a coven), as the least hypocritical by far... For as you said deeds truly do speak louder than words. They're also a lot harder to twist. ;)

On a side note: There aren't many Buddhists here in the south, so I've no hands-on to refer back to ... but as you say they are a rather fair minded bunch. So I should not have excluded them in my original request. I stand corrected.

I agree Shades, dictatorships rule the religions, for the most part.
Mostly because of the blatant lack of checks and balances.

And the apparent thought and doctrine of being excluded or included in a 'heaven'.
To which they have no idea what it is as well as hell or eternity.
To these that separate the saved/unsaved or similar terms,
I classify as hate groups. With western religions just as bad or worse as some eastern ones.

There are notable exceptions though, both east and west, putting everyone together,
and maintaining individual relief status. Including Atheists.
And a few quite large and growing that you may never hear of.
Even in the medical fields some are waking up to the common denominator.

The only good thing about nonsense religions like this is that it highlights the nonsense it all religions

So...anybody interested in becoming a member of my new clergy? Reasonable rates! And, this month only, we're running a special on elevations to the rank of bishop. 50% off through January 31, 2012. 

Don't delay! ;D
-40hz (January 08, 2012, 01:54 PM)
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Can I smoke pot and play with heavy weaponry for recreational purposes? :P ;D

Um... Any chance of just whittling that down to just Wiccan something?? It's just that the Pagan, harmony with nature types have always struck me with being a much safer (on the bloodthirsty scale) option. Not saying the others are necessarily "bad" (history has already covered that...), I just have a few "comfort level" concerns. ;)
-Stoic Joker (January 08, 2012, 03:08 PM)
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Wicca is an interesting case. Modern Wicca originated in either the 1800's or 1900's, but depending on who you listen to, some trace its origins to witch trials or back further. What's the truth? Oh cripes... God goddess knows. :P

The pagan thing again is really mucked up. Numerous pagan religions throughout history have used ritual human sacrifice. Again, depending on who you listen to, "virgin" often simply means "child". Making pagans a bunch of blood-thirsty baby killers. :P ;D

The "Wicker Man" comes from the Druids. Again, depends on who you want to listen to.  :-\

I've never heard of human sacrifice in any Hindu religion except for the Thuggees who worshipped Kali. Someone probably knows more than me about that though.

As an offshoot of Hinduism, Buddhism seems to be particularly peaceful, and I've never heard of any ritual violence there. Well, with the obvious exception of the warrior monk castes and all that jazz.

OH! OH! OH! I know one religion where I've NEVER heard of ANY violence! The PASTAFARIANS~! FSM! FTW~! ;D :P

@Ren - It's "turtles all the way down" if you ask me.  :huh:

Like my grandfather used to say: Everybody lies about sex and religion.  8)


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