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Kopimism - a newly-formalised religion

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This religion looks like it could be something that some people might find useful and worth joining.
So far, they (the Kopimists) are neither asking for nor demanding any money either - unlike most other religions that come to mind.
The potential legal implications seem interesting: MPAA Lawyer Inspired File-Sharing Religion, Catholic Bishop Unhappy
“In an interview in 2007 or 2008 (I believe, not sure about the date) the Swedish lawyer for the MPAA, Monique Wadsted, got a question about her views on the people advocating file sharing,” Sunde explains.

“It’s just a few people, very loud. They’re a cult. They call themselves Kopimists,” Wadsted responded.

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At least it should avoid the Cruise-type wingnuts belonging to L. Ron Hubbard's (the science fiction author) invented cult of Scientology - which apparently claims:
"...the galactic warlord Xenu dumped 13.5 trillion beings in volcanoes on Earth, blowing them up and scattering their souls."

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To be honest, when I look at what goes on in most mainstream religions, it really makes religions like the Kopimists and Scientologists sound much more sane.

e.g. I think it's better to believe in Xenu and aliens than it is to believe that running around killing people is good.

“In the case of this religion, the preachers are defined as the ones facilitating holy copying (and remixing). Translated to nerdspeak, that means the communications between operators of trackers/hubs and the people who partake in the sacrament of copying now carries confessional status, by and large making it illegal and impossible to collect as evidence in a trial,” Falkvinge continues.
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Hehehe~! You go~! Woot~! :D

+10 for what Renegade said.   :Thmbsup:

Stoic Joker:
O_o WTF? Maybe it's just a bit too early for me, but this is nutz. Granted that doesn't make it a bad thing... It's more of a measured response of equal force to the insanity that we all know as the RIAA/MPAA. It strikes me as watching a battle of whits play out at an asylum.

Now if they can just get it registered in the US...

iphigenie: (in Sweden)

It's at least as consistent as most other things that get recognised as religions. Although I'm not sure the sharing of knowledge and information is not, for me, the most beautiful thing there is (in a way I'd say finding/discovering/creating might be) - and that I could claim something like this without cracking out in laughter, it is true that sharing is one of the most natural things humans do - with ideas if not with resources


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