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Listary updated to Version:3.51 (Build 752) (23 January 2012)


Listary Version:3.51 (Build 752)
3.51.752 (23 January 2012)

- New: “Add Here” for submenus (Pro version only)
- New: %files% parameter for custom commands
- New: Find-as-you-type ignoring diacritics
- New: Page Up/ Page Down/ Home/ End support in menus
- New: Recent folder support for Office 2003 on Windows 7
- New: New language file (Portuguese)
- New: New language file (Brazilian Portuguese)
- New: New language file (Traditional Chinese)
- Improved: Float toolbar can handle ESC after activating a menu now
- Improved: Better compatibility with high DPI
- Improved: DirectoryOpus detection
- Improved: Find-as-you-type compatibility with xplorer2
- Improved: Total Commander INI path detection (can handle default path in Windows/AppData folder now)
- Improved: Order of search results
- Improved: Installer won’t reset “Start Listary when Windows starts”
- Fixed: May make Windows 7 task switcher not always on top
- Fixed: Selection mark wasn’t correct in XP Explorer
- Fixed: A minor popup menu z-order bug
- Fixed: Favorite items can’t be dragged into an empty submenu

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