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NANY 2012 Mugs, etc. -- All participants please read in

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I like "Contributing Developer".

Ok I have created the DonationCoder shop for NANY2012, and made products with "Finalist" and "Developer".  No more suggestions please!

You can view the items here:

Do *not* buy anything there yet!

I will be sending out gift certificates to participants today if all goes well.  The gift certificates will be for $20, which is enough to buy yourself a mug, shotglass, drinking glass, mousepad, tote bag, or anything under about $13, and have it shipped anywhere in the world.  Many of the other items will end up costing more than that, so if you want something else you'll have to pay the remainder yourself.

Very nice! Can't wait to get mine!!

Don't forget we expect to see some photos of people with their mugs!

Wow ! Its raining gifts  :D




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