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FINAL: The Official WriteUp for the NANY 2012 Event!

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I am planning to walk on skwire's footmarks :), for next year.

I will search for some small, better portable, app which makes flv, avi, wmv or mk4 etc. and also uploads to youtube (will be bonus). No audio required, as I do not have any audio system. But will put text message at each step.

Wink or something, is one such I checked few years back, any other suggestion ?



I should properly thank mouser for the nice screencast he did of Printer PaperSource Explorer. I'm currently not able to create one myself, but I'll get a microphone somewhere :-[, and do (at least) next year's NANY myself :D.

Should probably be promoted for next year's NANY edition: Optionally create a short screencast of your entry. (Or deliver a script/playbook for making a useful one?)

Terrific job everyone. Thanks

  Well since everyone has been appropriately thanked, I'd like to take this time to thank myself for reading this...   :harhar:

I'm overwhelmed at the amazing demonstration of creativity and productivity. Kudos to all the contributors. You're an inspiration.


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