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FINAL: The Official WriteUp for the NANY 2012 Event!

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Josant, thanks for your great software contribution! I watched the screencast and it definitely looks like something I might use for my own .NET apps. 

Hope to see you enter the contest again this next time (I'm hoping to convince mouser to start the NANY 2013 thread maybe in July again).

Congrats everyone and thank you for sharing your coding talent and time with us!

- Oshyan


Great work all round, thanks and congrats!

Thanks to Kyrabatha for his great work. And mouser too, of course. Also thanks going to the Screencast makers and all the visitors that are reading, using and enjoying our NANY apps. Last but not least a big hooray to all the co-programdevelopers that made the NANY 2012 a success again.

Now let's looking forward to NANY 2013! :)


And the most important question is: WHERE IS MY MUG, and what picture would be on it? :)
<eagerly waiting> Hehehehehe!

Thank you Kyrabatha, mouser for taking up so much trouble and giving we developer a platform to showcase our works. I will remain grateful to DC forever.   :-*

Also thanks to all participant and users, without whom NANY would not be NANY  :)




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