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New Futurama episodes in the works, Movies too!



I don't know how "official" this is, but on there is a post by Billy himself that they are making 26 new episodes of Futurama for TV.

And the other good news is that they're doing 26 new episodes of
''Futurama'' for TV and we're hammering out the deal now.The original
plan was to have the DVD's first but that's no longer the case.I'm totaly
jammed dude.
-the Billy West website
--- End quote ---

"They" have also announced 4 Fururama movies. I'm personally more psyched about the episodes after the huge letdown of the Family Guy movie.

... later...

I want you to know that I heard from conflicting sources about the Futurama
news.I was set straight for now that it is NOT new TV episodes but the
original plan of making a few feature-length DVD's.Don't give up yet.I had
unsubstantiated info but there is a DVD project on the way.

Billy-Billy again
--- End quote ---

Dangit! Well, movies are good too!


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