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"The Problem with Microsoft is..."

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I'm a neat-freak about certain areas, for example, my bathroom is almost always spotless, yet my computer room is a working mess; my C-drive must be kept nice and defragmented, but my D-drive where I keep all the good stuff is a dump. I went to the grocery today and saw a disgusting lady with her hugely fat beer-gut hanging out of her tube-top and almost lost my lunch. So some people should be more anal about some things — put on some clothes, you pig!  :up:

--thought better of this post.  move along, move along.  sorry.--

Between the two avatars and the anal fixation, that does make a hilarious image.

I despise how they suck in any decent software house that produces anything that has a good chance of being serious competiton and turn it into a POS.

I can say that about a lot of the big software corporations too.


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