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"The Problem with Microsoft is..."

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i agree, windows installer has to be the most evil piece of software ever invented... and the fact that it was totally unnesc. and never should have been built in the first place is just poison icing on the poison cake.

I love what individuals build, though, to make Windows better. Each of us can think of a dozen programs off the top of our head that makes us go: "Why didn't Microsoft just do THAT?!" Someone mentioned in another thread why doesn't Microsoft offer FrontPage's code (tab) page as a freeware HTML utility? It's great, and that's a good idea to me.

One big gripe I have as a non-coder is Windows Registry. Why doesn't Microsoft offer a decent Registry editing tool, or something to actually remove the continuous crap dumped there? They don't want the idiots monkeying around with Registry, okay, fine. But the rest of us don't want the thing to grow and grow and grow. And I hate people who say: "It doesn't make a difference in performance if fragments are left in the Registry, so why should you care?"

ARRRRRGGHHH, where'd I put my Ronco flame thrower!

Why does registry fragmentation matter?  Windows keeps it in memory anyway.  I suppose if it was very, very large, and very, very fragmented (on disk), it might matter on startup, but other than that...?

I misspoke. I meant to say fragments left in the Registry after an app is uninstalled. It truly doesn't make a noticeable performance difference, but it shouldn't be left there for me to wonder "What is that?" when I'm trying to find certain keys and values.

I can't say much; I'm an incredibly-anal ultra-neat-freak myself.


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