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xplorer2 at Bits Du Jour soon....

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RE False alarm:  The statement is poorly worded.  There were many version 1s, and they all used the same reg code.  The developer came up with a new "uncrakable" code system that was incompatible with the old code system.  Folks (like me) who purchased the "upgrade assurance" thing DID get a new code for version 2.

RE Incompatible: x2 has worked with all the different Windows hacks I've used.  e.g. WindowBlinds, ActualWindowManager.  If anything, x2 is TOO MUCH like a normal window...  A common complaint on the forums is that it is too "plain" and not aesthetic enough.  The developer is big into function-over-form.

-thanks. I am much into function over form, when it comes to software.

moms is VAT, in Danish.

It was, indeed, a false alarm.  :)   If I hadn't been lazy & actually visited his support pages I would have found this:

Many of the existing customers are entitled to free replacement keys as long as:

    You have bought a free lifetime upgrades warranty
    or, you bought xplorer¬≤ during the last 12 months

All other people will have to purchase a replacement key, possibly with a discount as follows:

    if you bought xplorer¬≤ up to two (2) years ago then you can upgrade with a 33% discount
    All other (older) customers will need to purchase a license at full price

I think that's a fair policy with regards to who gets a free key or not. This file manager wasn't my style when I checked it out, but it's different enough from everything else out there that I can see where a lot of people like it. I hope everyone who wanted to was able to get in on the deal for a lifetime license at BDJ.

I wish Nikos would have dropped the insanely stupid "Lifetime Assurance" idea when he introduced version 2.0. It's nothing but asking for trouble - eventually, you'll run out of new potential customers, and then you're S.O.L if the product is your main source of income... I was kinda surprised he didn't realize it was a bad idea after seeing people's reactions when he said version 2 would require purchasing a new license.

Btw, I'm not criticizing the paid v2 upgrade, that's only fair IMHO - there's been a lot of free updates to v1. I'm just saying the whole "lifetime license" idea is stupid.

BTW, this sale is still on TODAY.


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