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xplorer2 at Bits Du Jour soon....

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I can't see a date,
but I imagine it will be active in the next day or two.  50% discount.  Comment from Nikos (the developer) indicates you can also opt to get the "lifetime" licence at 50% off (i.e. for future versions).

I purchased xplorer2 but didn't upgrade to 2.0 since it required a new license (and because it didn't really offer much new features). If the lifetime upgrade is cheap I'll bite.

It doesn't look like there's going to be a 50% discount for the lifetime upgrade option on BDJ.

The 'lifetime upgrades' is normally $40 (this is an add-on - you still need a base license first).  If you buy the lifetime upgrade bump when purchasing xplorer2, there's a 25% discount, so it's $30.

If you purchase a license for xplorer2 with the BDJ deal, you'll be offered the normal 25% discount for the lifetime option.

Per the developer, Nikos Bozinis, on the BDJ discussion:
Regarding the lifetime cover, it is not part of the promotion but you can purchase it as a bundle for the reduced price of $30-
--- End quote ---

So a lifetime license for xplorer2 would be a total of $45 on the day of the deal.

-which still is cheap, I just don't have the money right now, but yeah, thanks; I had a fine Christmas...

Hold the phone!!! At first I was thinking, hey...this isn't too bad of a deal & the guy doesn't seem to be out to gouge people for money since v1 has been around 7 years before he decided to release v2 and ask for more money.

Then I read this on his site:

"And now for the not so agreeable news. Version 2.0 has introduced new unlock keys. If you bought xplorer² in the past you will find your old key is no longer working — even if you bought the free lifetime upgrades policy. However many people will get free replacement keys or a discount for v2.0."

I'm sorry, but the only acceptable statement here would have been to say, "Don't worry. Anyone who bought a lifetime license will be receiving an email with a new key." Might be a false alarm, but it sure got my Screw-O-Meter buzzing. Makes it sound like not everyone will be getting a new key who paid for a lifetime license.

But, again...might be a false alarm.


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