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NANY 2012 Pledge & Release: Image Grid

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here is a small update - version 1.1
-vlastimil (September 02, 2012, 05:39 AM)
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Thank you for doing that!

Love the simplicity of the software.

Could it be possible to 1.  Show a delete images button and selecting the images to be deleted with a ctrl key selection, and 2.  have a simple crop function to crop all images to the same size.

You can delete images by dragging them out of the canvas.

Regarding the second request, could you describe the use case, where this feature would be useful?

This is the reason I proposed a crop feature.

As we all know, not all images are the same size and as of now, I believe your software will save the images in the same size as the originals but instead of saving them as a size equal to all others, they may be different sizes and sometimes that does not look good.  That I why I proposed a crop feature.  The crop feature I proposed probably isn't like the others you see in other software.  The crop feature I was talking about will determine the size of the smallest picture in the collage and set the crop box to that specific size.  However, the crop box should be able to be moved on each image for the best end product.

I hope I have not confused you even more.

I guess I understand. Though, I will probably not add that feature, because it is not directly tied to the main functionality and more importantly, it would require a big change of the user interface. I may make another tool specialized for just this.


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