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NANY 2012 Pledge & Release: Image Grid

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NANY 2012 Entry Information
Note: a screencast has been prepared by kyrathaba

Application NameImage GridVersion 1.0Short DescriptionTurn multiple (equal sized) images into one large imageSupported OSes Windows 2k, XP, Vista, 7Setup File [url=]ImageGrid.exeSystem Requirementsnothing special, just mouse & truecolor displayAuthor Info tool allows you to take several smaller pictures and create one big image with all the smaller pictures arranged in a rows and columns.

Personally, I will probably do not use this, but because several people requested tool like this, here it is. At this moment, I know it will be used to:

* create custom wallpapers from photographs
* create previews of multiple images for sites like deviant art or for designers' clients
* create pictures for a printing service that only supports pictures of certain size and the client needs lots of smaller picturesScreenshots
Installationnone - 100% portableUsing the applicationRun the .exe, drag and drop images, save the resultUninstallingjust delete the .exe
Known IssuesSince I was working on this 1 hour ago, I am sure, there are issues, but they are not yet known to me.  :o

Hey, vlastimil, great you're joining the party! :Thmbsup:

And such a useful tool too :up:

This is great and very useful for me. Thanks.

Just a very minor thing : misspelling of Erase (Rease all), and a suggestion : mouse-over shows individual image name in the status-bar.

Works great and very useful!

I think this will prove very useful to use with a screenshot program that makes it easy to drag and drop images to your program (like my Screenshot Captor -- sorry for the plug!).  Great for producing combination images.

One feature request: Ability to remove individual images.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the donation, mouser :)

I have fixed the typo, but I do not think I have enough time to add the requested features before the deadline. I'll try to have them ready tomorrow, they are not too difficult.


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