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Canceled NANY 2012 Pledge: Iyuee


Application Name Iyuee Version 0.01 Short Description A website that allows you to create a group with your friends/housemates to keep track of payments/receipts.Supported OSes Win7 - Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer Web Page none yet
Essentially, you create a group (you) and you invite your friends (housemates) and you all add 'items' (gas, food, etc) from whatever (receipts) and list payee's. Displays how much each person needs to pay and items are crossed out when they're taken care of (but they persist for recordkeeping).

So.. I intended for this to have more, but I kind of ran out of time so meh. I'll be updating this after the final release, but you can consider this as a 'receipt tracker' and completed (and just expect anything and everything else to be an unexpected surprise).

EDIT: There were a couple of things that needed to go in that I didn't get the time to include. I'll still release the app, but it'll be a New App, Normal Year.

Glad to see you're joining-in, zircle!

Zircle, any last-minute updates you wanna make to Iyuee? I need to change the title to contain the word Release soon, which clues me and mouser (and hopefully other screencasters (*ahem*)) that it's okay to screencast it.


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