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NANY 2012 Release: Multi Photo Quotes Builder (MpqBuilder)

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NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application Name Mpq Builder Version 1.01 Short Description A GUI tool to let you build installable screensavers to share with others, powered by my MPQ Screensaver Engine.Supported OSes WinXp,Vista,Win7 Web Page none yet Download Link See MultiPhotoQuotes web page.

ATTENTION: Discussion of MPQ Builder should now take place in the MPQ forum area.

My Multi Photo Quotes screensaver is hugely popular, having at least 3 users that I know of.  In my mind these users have been clamoring for an easy-to-use "builder" tool that would let them package screensavers for their friends, that contained images and quotes of their own creation.  This is that tool.


* Builds standalone screensavers with installer/uninstaller support.
* Easy to add your own quotes to the screensaver.
* Uses all the power of the Multi Photo Quotes engine.
* Free for personal use

This is an early beta.. Let me know any problems you run into.

Screencast Video Overview


Special thanks to Inno Setup, the awesome setup tool that is harnessed to produce/package the screensavers.

I'd love to see some screensavers created with this.  And do try to make use of the Quotes feature -- it's one of the unique abilities of the program.  Happy to help people who get stuck, just ask.

Yay!! Very cool, mouser! My dad will love this!

Screencast video link added to first post.

Screencast video link added to first post.
--- End quote ---

Great cast! Lemme know when/if(  :o ) you approve the cast of Prayer Minder I sent, and the link. I'd like to link to it in that app's OP, too.


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