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NoteFrog Pro (clipboard information manager) - Mini-Review

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is it me, or is it impossible to find the download link for notefrog on their site?

edit...was just reading IainB's post above, yes, I'm having the same issues.  I'm guessing the developer is doing some business restructuring.  There is a lot of that happening right now.

After my bombing all the email addresses I had for Berry, he has just sent me an email.
I replied that I would be interested - and possibly others on DCF - in Beta testing, but left it very much up to him to make a choice and suggested he might make a post here about it.
A relief to know that apparently all is well with him anyway.

I am now doing Beta testing for NoteFrog, currently on v3.x Beta (2015-04-21).

I am now doing Beta testing for NoteFrog, currently on v3.x Beta (2015-04-21).
-IainB (April 23, 2015, 05:09 PM)
--- End quote ---
Let us know how it's going.  I have so many clipboard managers, but notefrog's take on the genre is unique and somewhat practical.  I tend to use CHS in general for the most part.  I use clipmate for more hardcore stuff like archiving clips, not that I've ever needed to retrieve them, lol.  Notefrog is good for searching.  There was a time when i liked aceclip's interface, but notefrog replaced it for me with a similar layout and a better search function.

I'll be interested in significant improvements are additional features, thanks.

Will keep you informed, but not on a blow-by-blow basis.
After my having done 1 initial Beta test report, Berry sent me an updated Beta, which looks quite different to the first one, so I am using that latest version and shall redo the tests I did initially and do some more tests as well, which I had planned.


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