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NoteFrog Pro (clipboard information manager) - Mini-Review

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Well, well;

NoteFrog version 2.7 released

Posted by berry – June 2, 2014

NoteFrog 2.7 is available for download.

2.7 is “Version 3 aware”. Version 3 will introduce library encryption. While version 2.7 does not feature encryption, it will be aware if an attempt is made to open a version 3 encrypted library.
2.7 also offers improved window handling for some situations which previously caused excessive window flicker.
2.7 also fixes an issue with a trial period time-out present in version 2.6

2.7 may be downloaded Here

NoteFrog V3 will be released early next year and will not support Windows XP. XP will have been deprecated by Microsoft by then. One reason for NoteFrog deprecating XP support is the improvement to the clipboard handling available since Vista. No more broken clipboard chains!
--- End quote ---

It doesn't say whether this will be a paid upgrade.

Humph.  Latest blog post Version 3 planning says, in part:
The major changes in the initial implementation are:
* Support for encrypted (aes128) libraries
* Removal of reminders
* Removal of clipboard collection support under Windows XP

--- End quote ---
So it's mostly encryption, plus removing "legacy problems."  I was hoping that HTML note type would appear, but no mention here.

The latest NoteFrogBlog post leaves me bemused:

Happy birthday Frog!
Posted by berry – July 10, 2014

The Frog is 6 years old. Not too bad for the amphibian. Not bad for most software either.

In celebration, we’re offering a NoteFrog license at the incredible price of $9.95 and also introducing – NoteFrog “friends and family” licensing.

From now until the end of the promotion, licensing is an “in perpetuity” (Lifetime) license. You may use NoteFrog forever and will be entitled to any and all future versions offered. And, yes, there will be future versions offered. We use NoteFrog ourselves and will continue to improve it and add features. Version 3 is currently in beta testing and features AES128 database encryption as an option for those of you concerned about the privacy/security of your NoteFrog library. We are also working on the inclusion of HTML data in the library. These and other improvements will be available to all registered users.

All NoteFrog development will continue to be made available to our licensees, but following this policy transition we will no longer be actively marketing/selling NoteFrog. All NoteFrog upgrades will be limited to the existing “family” of users.

Quite a few of our current licensees are word-of-mouth customers. They’ve joined the NoteFrog family as a result of a recommendation from a family member, friend or associate. We appreciate the loyalty of our customer base, so we will continue to make NoteFrog available to your “friends and family” based on a recommendation from you, our customers. Simply send us the email address for your NoteFrog “friends and family” license request using your NoteFrog registration email account and we will send them an email link allowing them to purchase NoteFrog at the “friends and family” license price, currently $15.95. This “friends and family” referral will be the only way to obtain a NoteFrog license after the current promotion period.

Help spread the word, and the word is “The Frog is having a sale.”

But don’t delay. When the sale is over, it’s over.

--- End quote ---

It makes sense to me, and I've done that before, personally.

You aren't making enough income for the level of effort, but you don't want to leave your current subscribers in the lurch and/or enjoy working on it.  But something has to be done, so to limit your support and such, you limit your base.  You cut out all advertising/PR efforts, but keep it going.

I've currently been supporting my users for 5 years after I stopped officially supporting, and have received some more by word of mouth, but it leaves enough time for me to work a full time job and have a life, without it getting in the way.

2015-04-18 0742hrs:
I'm not sure what is happening with NoteFrog. Has anyone heard from them?

1. The blog and its 2014-06-02 post referred to in this thread, above - NoteFrog version 2.7 released - seems to have been completely rewritten and links have been removed. I had a copy of the original post in Scrapbook, but it now just leads to broken links (404) - e.g., at

2. The post of 2014-10-18 re NoteFrog 2.7.4 (a minor release with changes that I did not need, so I didn't download it) has had the links removed.

3. The post of 2015-03-26 re Pre release version 3 does not give any links bust just says:
...If you’re interested in being a Version 3 “early adopter” (pun intended), please contact [email protected]

--- End quote ---
So on 2015-03-28 I emailed him there saying "I would like to be an "early adopter" for v3, please." and have so far had no response.
So on2015-04-13 I posted a comment on the blog:
I did email you on 2015-04-28, after reading your post, and tried updating via NoteFrog, but to no avail so far. Is something broken with the website? Several pages seem to be 404.
I look forward to the opportunity to be an "early adopter" of v3 of the excellent NoteFrog.

--- End quote ---

4. Furthermore, when I click in my copy of NoteFrog to go to check for an update (I have a paid lifetime licence) it says there is a newer version 2.7.3 (it should presumably now say it is a version 3.something), and it gets a 404 result when it goes to fetch the update.

I hope all is well with Berry.
This looks eerily like the sort of thing that happened with NoteFrog's predecessor ClipGuru - which I had casually trialled and which I thought was rather good. However, their website just disappeared and no explanations. I eventually tracked it down to Berry Taylor at HT Consulting and was happy to become a Beta tester for ClipGuru's replacement, NoteFrog.
I found NoteFrog to be a great piece of software, though it probably needed a few wrinkles ironing out - which I had thought v3 would be addressing.


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