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NoteFrog Pro (clipboard information manager) - Mini-Review

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I'm not sure what the "rules" might be about this. The admins could give you pointers on this.
We could continue to give our feedback here, I guess. I mean, I did the review in the first place, using the standard DC template, and people have already started to give their feedback - which is what this discussion thread is for.

If you did it in email, then we would not be able to see each other's requirements, and you'd get all sorts of overlap/duplication, so I'd not recommend that.

Or, you could open up your website for discussion/feedback, and collect it there.

Whatever approach you take, if you could involve us (those of us who are interested - like me, for example) in ß testing, then that would be great.

Your version is v1.9.0?
I think the latest version is v1.9.1 - I tried an earlier version - v1.8.0.
I don't think I ever had a v1.9.0 [...]

There was something in the blog about which version to use.-IainB (December 31, 2011, 07:40 PM)
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It's here: Release 1.9.1 and says: We’ve made a change to Tooltips in an attempt to fix the occasional “non display” of tooltips a few users have experienced.

If you have not had any tooltip issues, there is no need for you to install this release.
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I hadn't noticed any problems - to be honest, I hadn't noticed any tooltips :-[ though I have now, so didn't see a need to upgrade.

The arrow keys move the highlighted selector (cursor) to the next item, and the display shows the item contents. I think that's what it's supposed to do. It's sometimes a bit "laggy".-IainB (December 31, 2011, 07:40 PM)
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It's worse than sluggish, on my system, navigating by "walking down" (aka live search) the title list leaves title and note out of synch.  Viz. screenshot attached; loaded the "Presidents" database, F6 to go to title list, typed "A", "B" to go to Abraham Lincoln, body text of note stays on James Knox Polk, the first entry in the database.

I also learned quite a bit from reading the FAQ on the website (I think I suggested to Berry at some stage that the FAQ be incorporated as a Stack in the install, so it could be referenced as a user guide).-IainB (December 31, 2011, 07:40 PM)
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A FAQ is now built into NoteFrog - click the top right button, the one with the spanner and frog's eye, and you get the NoteFrog (TM) Help, Tools & Utilities window popping up.  The first entry under "Online or Offline - Open in This Window" is "NoteFrog FAQ."

Is it best to contact you each via email or may we continue the discussion here?-berry (December 31, 2011, 08:00 PM)
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In the past you've said - if I remember correctly - that you offered support by e-mail rather than by forum, but it's your program, it's up to you.  As NoteFrog grows in popularity, you might find a forum helpful because then you have more experienced users to field questions, and you have all the queries, suggestions, bug reports etc. in one place rather than (as IainB points out) in a whole lot of separate sealed boxes.

Thanks to you both for your comments. I will look into opening a NoteFrog forum as soon as I get V2 into beta. I'll re-extend my offer to become a beta tester, if you wish Mr Bull.  :)

I sincerely appreciate your comments as they make me aware of a disconnect between NoteFrog and some other notekeepers. For example, the "Home" and "End" keys are not activated in NoteFrog at present (I was thinking of using them for certain program functions), however, the way windows highlights an item in default mode can be confusing to the user. The same for a "search" by entering characters directly when positioned in the list. The NoteFrog "Search" function is via the "search" command area, but, once again, the windows behavior of highlighting the item introduces confusion because an item appears to be seleted, when, in fact, it's not. (Want to be even more confused, try a uparrow/downarrow key from one of those "selection" conditions.)

These items will be addressed, since frankly I hadn't really noticed them since I have never used them. I'm pretty sure they won't make it into V2.0, unless they can be implemented with little or no code changes, but they will be addressed in an early 2.x release.

I'll let you know when the forum is active. In addition to V2, I also have to prepare for the BTJ promotion. If you have additional questions/comments/issues you may post here or send an email.

Your input is appreaciated.


I hadn't noticed any problems - to be honest, I hadn't noticed any tooltips embarassed though I have now, so didn't see a need to upgrade.

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I hadn't noticed any problem either. I think I had to select and switch ON the tooltips first, as well.

It's worse than sluggish, on my system...

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What is your system (in summary)?

A FAQ is now built into NoteFrog...

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Sorry, I meant built-in to a stack (so you can edit/copy bits of it on an ad/hoc basis) - which I don't think it is at present.


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