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NoteFrog Pro (clipboard information manager) - Mini-Review

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I have already sent Berry 2 test reports and have just now sent him a third - the latter about what I have termed "the Systray problem".
The symptoms are that sometimes, after being minimised/closed to the Systray, NF disappears from the Systray, though the process appears to continue.
The collage of screenshots below is intended to explain it, and what I could find out about it.

I am providing the screenshot not so much as to describe an apparent error/bug, but rather to demonstrate how useful Screenshot Captor can be in problem analysis cases like this - where "a picture is worth a thousand words".
The picture is comprised of a sort of collage of different screenshot bits, starting with the first - which was of the Task Bar and Process Hacker window (which were side-by-side) - and then overlaying other screenshot clips and adding a text box and arrows, and expanding the canvas in SC (Objects-->Expand canvas to fit objects).
I'm sure I could have made it look nicer, if I took the time, but the thing is it would have been difficult for me to do this without using SC. SC really is a superbly crafted and useful tool for such purposes.   :Thmbsup:

The only constraint in using SC in this case seems to be in taking any screenshot of an area of the screen which contains a system pop-out window - and there were 2 such instances in this case. SC couldn't take such a clip without closing the pop-out window first, every time I tried it. The Windows Snipping Tool and the ABBYY Screenshot Reader weren't any better, but the OneNote Screen Clipping tool did the job just right as it freezes the on-screen display as soon as it is invoked, allowing the user to take their time to frame the section clip.

EDIT 2015-05-12 0146hrs: Having rebooted the laptop, I am pleased to report that the apparent "constraint" in SC no longer applies. In both cases, SC captures the stuff after nicely freezing the screen.
The only thing I can think might have caused it was my TouchPad mouse, which had been behaving very strangely, so I uninstalled it and restarted the laptop, whereupon the TouchPad was auto-reinstalled. The TouchPad is now working fine, and so is SC.

A strange web indeed !!!!

I don't see the download links anywhere !

Seems a project parked !

download from

not updated since 2015-October-11, in fact it seems you can't even buy it any more:

and if you click "go PRO...", you will get a 404:

My apologies for not posting about this before, but there was a post dated 2016-02-09 on the NoteFrog blog explaining the situation with NoteFrog, but that page has since been removed.
That page can be seen at:
The post seems to indicate that the project is in suspended animation or on indefinite hold.

Here is an image copy of the post (from Wayback): (the links seem to still work)
NoteFrog Pro (clipboard information manager) - Mini-Review

I am pleased to report that on 2018-06-03 the NoteFrog blog seems to have come out of stasis with a post:
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
NoteFrog V3 available – free for everyone.
Posted by berry – June 3, 2018
Development of NoteFrog has resumed. Until a significant upgrade (Unicode compliance – Version 4) is complete, the current version of NoteFrog is available, as is (it’s the latest production release but we will not be making additional changes to this version), for free. For now, you will require a NoteFrog registration key. A complimentary registration is available on the NoteFrog site NoteFrog registration. If you prefer a personalized registration, send a request, which contains your desired registration name and email address to HTConsulting [email protected]. You may download the current version of release 3 and a complimentary registration key here NoteFrog version 3.

Database encryption is available in version 3, however, an upgrade to version 4, when available, will require an unencrypted database, which is easily available from the Library Menu.

--- End quote ---


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