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NoteFrog Pro (clipboard information manager) - Mini-Review

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@rjbull and @worstje: Re: Colours of the NoteFrog user interface.
@berry: Thanks for posting an alternative colour setting example.

My apologies, I omitted to mention this in my Opening Post, so I have added it in:
The user interface can be customised to a fair extent - see under "Options". This includes default settings, colours and hotkeys. So, if you want something different to the standard settings, then that is easily done.
Do bear in mind that this may differ to what will be in the forthcoming ß version.

--- End quote ---

(That's all @berry would have needed to have done to show you the screenshot with the different colours.)

Try it yourself and experiment!

Well, after e-mailing Berry, I've upgraded my Version 1 license from a Bits du Jour offer, to a lifetime license, using the DC discount!  Thanks, Berry!

My point about the colours is not that you can't change them, more that a more, er, sober (aka standard, dull, boring?) colour scheme out of the box and in screenshots might make NoteFrog look more "professional."

I'm also slightly puzzled about the program's focus.  I was imagining something like AZZ Cardfile, a one-dimensional notekeeper, much like EverNote and CintaNotes too.  NoteFrog's home page indicates that's indeed so.  It also has clipboard enhancement functions - yet it doesn't have some of the clipboard features that I expect to see in a respectable clipboard extender.  Those include:

* Ability to ignore clips from given programs, particularly password programs like KeePass, for security
* Automatic purging of old clips by date (or number of clips)
* Permanent clips.  I realise one can have multiple stacks, but in that case I'd like to have a hotkey to navigate between stacks.
* Not so important - ability to ignore clips above/below given sizes Maybe some of these will make it into the imminent Version 2 series?

[Edit at UK time 2011-12-31, 22:07:-]
Addendum:  I see Berry has changed the colour scheme on the NoteFrog home page  :)

I also see that an example use is "Accounts, passwords, PIN numbers."  Well, I'd need it to be encrypted for those uses, presumably by having stacks encryptable individually.

[Edit at UK time 2011-12-31, 22:35:-]
Oops, just found "Edit stack password" and the "New/Edit stack" screen with password entry on it  :-[

Using 1.9.0, an oddity?  If I'm in the left pane of note titles, and do a "live search" that takes me to a different note, or press Home or End, the note pane stays on the old note, even if I then press Enter.  But if I navigate up and down the title list with the arrow keys, the note changes with the title the cursor is on.  I expected the body text of the note to always match the note title the cursor is on.

Using 1.9.0, an oddity?
--- End quote ---

* Your version is v1.9.0?
* I think the latest version is v1.9.1 - I tried an earlier version - v1.8.0.
* I don't think I ever had a v1.9.0 - I would have kept the install file if I had, as a possible backup if the latest version did not work.There was something in the blog about which version to use.
But if I navigate up and down the title list with the arrow keys, the note changes with the title the cursor is on.  I expected the body text of the note to always match the note title the cursor is on.
--- End quote ---

The arrow keys move the highlighted selector (cursor) to the next item, and the display shows the item contents. I think that's what it's supposed to do. It's sometimes a bit "laggy".

Encryption and other settings: Yes, there are some interesting/nifty settings buried away in NoteFrog - I have experimented with most of the items in the menu for Library, Stack, Item, Options, Exit.
I also learned quite a bit from reading the FAQ on the website (I think I suggested to Berry at some stage that the FAQ be incorporated as a Stack in the install, so it could be referenced as a user guide).

Good points all.

Being new here, I'm unfamiliar with normal protocols and am a bit wary of hijacking DonationCoder resources for a NoteFrog question/answer discussion.

But I do want to discuss the questions/issues you have raised - and yes, some are certain to be included in a Version 2.x release.

Is it best to contact you each via email or may we continue the discussion here? I'd be happy to discuss either way and sincerely appreciate your input.



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