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WS_FTP Professional 60%OFF (FTP client)

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$54.95 -> $20.00

Expires end of December


Another offer throughout December is $29.95 $10.00 for FlashFXP

I much prefer FlashFXP over WS_FTP. I've used, and continue to use both, on a daily basis and FlashFXP is head and shoulders above WS_FTP in terms of usefulness.

I used WS_FTP happily for years, but when I bought a Win7 64-bit computer earlier this year, I couldn't get my old copy of WS_FTP to work with it.  I then installed the freeware program FileZilla to see whether that would work.  It did, and I've been using it ever since.  I'm very pleased, and so I've ignored the emails I get from time to time offering me WS_FTP at very substantial savings.

Steven Avery:

CoreFTP., free is fine for most needs, too, maybe a bit less quirky in design that FileZilla, although FileZilla has more of a community.  The professional is about the same $20 as the WS_FTP discount.  So WS would need some special plus described to jump on the special.

There are a number of others too, I remember Sherrord as good, and zFTP as nice in having a good server as well as client.


Hi guys,

What do you think about FTP in Directory Opus?
Strange, Top Ten Reviews says FlashFXP is a discontinued product,


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