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NANY 2012 Release Day Getting Close!

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Thanks you everyone who made a Release! And to those who couldn't but wanted to...

Just an update: Kyrathaba and I are working to have the writeup and screencasts ready in the next day or two.

Most likely sometime on the 3rd :D

Hmm, I've entered the NANY event three times. The first time, I submitted one app; two apps the second time, and 4 this time. Does that mean I need to submit 8 apps for NANY 2013, to keep the sequence going?  :P

Yes, why yes it does, kyrathaba. I'd give you an exemption, but I am in the habit of setting myself impossible goals, and obviously I am in no different position than you: two entries last year, no entries this year... so I need to strong-arm capable coders into making two apps and deleting all copies of them at release day without releasing, wait... no, withdraw my old applications and essentially unmake them... ugh. I guess I might settle for simply breaking the space-time continuum. :Thmbsup:

Everyone who participated: great jobs. I've been looking through them, and while I haven't posted in any topics, that is simply because this years bounty doesn't seem to have much of my needs. (Or maybe my cursory glance is missing the ones that would!) Eiher way, once again, good jobs, and thanks on behalf of all those bums who, like me, tend to be too lazy to register/login and post. :)


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