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NANY 2012 Release Day Getting Close!

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Or if anyone is willing to screencast their own software, that would be some help too -- not to mention that you'll surely do a better job than I will.

I've uploaded a screencast of "Found Money" to DC and here's the link, mouser:

Holler when it's uploaded to the DC YouTube channel, and I'll add it to the write-up I'm working on...

And here are screencasts for "Hangman" and "Source Code Line Counter":

We're down to the final few hours. Your entries must be released by midnight server-time (a little more than 4.5 hours from now), to be included in the writeup and screencasting. Thanks to those of you who have let me know your intentions. Several threads have been changed to "Release" threads. This is a heads-up to those who haven't chimed-in that we need to know if you'll be able to make the deadline or not. Anyone who reads this and finishes his/her release-version by the deadline, please change your thread's title to include the word "Release".  Much thanks!

Yay, there are a lot of releases!

I've a copy of Camtasia and a headset, but unfortunately I won't be able to access them until the 9th, and I know you want the screencasts out before then.


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