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NANY 2012 Release Day Getting Close!

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Thanks mouser for the proposed 'NANY Certificate' with the gift.

Can you upload the image of the certificate, if possible ? This may infuse more enthusiasm in our developers  :)



It will look something like this:

I've been trying to work with the Express version, but it doesn't support microphone sound input.  grrrr.
-kyrathaba (December 27, 2011, 10:35 AM)
--- End quote ---

Try CamStudio.

I had to do a quick screen recording, and naturally my Camtasia installer is corrupt... so... rather than fart around trying to find a backup... I tried BBFlashBack and had similar audio problems, i.e. none. CamStudio worked better for me.

WOW mouser thanks.

After seeing the 'certificate', I am sure, slow starter, if any, will like to pledge an app now  :)



I've got a buddy coming over sometime in the next few days. He has Camtasia and said he'll give a shot at doing casts for my four entries. Dunno if I can convince him to do others  :P

Any particular settings he needs to know about in regards to how to set up the videos? He says it can pre-format to fit YouTube?


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