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NANY 2012 Release Day Getting Close!

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Do we have a volunteer willing to make short (couple minute) video screencasts demoing of all the entries?  It's a time consuming task but one that would be nice to find a volunteer to do -- someone who has a reasonable microphone, etc.


And let me use this thread to ask if NANY participants would like anything special this year?

We will of course do our normal Cody NANY Mug thing and send each participant a mug to commemorate this year's event.  And if people prefer they can choose instead to get a t-shirt, shot glass, or anything else at up to about $20 including shipping.

But there was some talk last year about "NANY Certificates" -- I'm happy to send those out too for those that want them.

I have no screencasting software, unfortunately, and honestly I have very little experience doing screencasts. So, as mouser stated above, "Do we have any volunteers?". I know there have to be several people here with experience who could make short polished screencasts.

I do have DebugMode's "Wink", but I don't think it will produce output compatible with hosting screenscasts on YouTube. However, I'm happy to write up each entry, and I'll do Wink-casts if needed.

BB Flashback is a good tool:

I've been trying to work with the Express version, but it doesn't support microphone sound input.  grrrr.


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