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I'm not sure if this is the correct thread to ask this question in:  please move it if I've posted improperly.

I've donated at least twice, and perhaps three times, but I've not received any donation credits.  Perhaps there's something special that I have to do to specify that the donations be assigned as credits?

The first time was, of course, my intial donation to achieve membership.  I believe that I gave the second time because I'd gotten some really good forum advice about software (I'm pretty sure about this second donation, but not 100%).  The third was last night, as part of the donation drive ($50:  the first two were for much less, I think, maybe $10 or $20).

Can someone help?



Oops, figured it out, I haven't been activating (using the link in the confirmation email).


Thanks guys

Hi there. I donated twice today (20th Sept) a total of $8 that was $4 on each occasion. Do i still need to follow the link you sent in the email? I am already a supporting member and i put more credits in as i only donated a very small amount on each occasion. Hope this does not cause any problems, If so then please remember i mucked up with the donation as i meant to say $8 and for some reason only $4 was entered. SORRY IF IT CAUSES PROBLEMS :D

Hi james --
i think we got you sorted out over email, but to answer the question for any others who might wonder the same thing:

the answer is:
yes, click on those "activation" link in the email you get after you have donated, even if you are already a full member.  It will credit your account with each donation so you can give out the money to whomever on the site you wish (or to the general site account).

Yip we did. Thanks for the response. I sent you an email with the details for post. Put the email FAO Jesse.!
Got it all done and everythings good.
One thing i will like to point out to anyone who's reading the posts. The guys at work real hard and the response time for the forum and or email help is astoundingly fast.
Keep it up.
Thank you..... :Thmbsup:


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