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The DonationCredits system has now gone live.
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does anyone have any novel ideas about fun ways we could use the donationcredits system?

We discussed some of my ideas on mIrc.
I still think some sort of metrics need to be shown to give everyone a sense that credits are being used. Maybe a total available and a total disbursed would be an interesting display.

It is with a huge amount of pride, trepidation, and exhaustion that the DonationCredit system has now gone live on Aprl 6, 2005.

You can read all about it from the help page on DonatinCredits (go to your profile or click Cody mascot in upper right).

Please share your credits with each other and help make this a success.

Some important info:

* Donations to the site now get split evenly into money for the site and money given back to member in the form of credits to give out as they see fit.
* Look for the small golden coin on posts and software pages - if you see someone doing something you like, toss them a few credits, just to say thanks

Please take a minute and fill in the new Donation Blurb on your forum profile, it's what people see when your name comes up for them to donate to:


 This is interesting and i hope it works,very cool ideal.

 I've missed out on the IRC discussions,was this influenced by something you've (mouser) seen elsewhere?
Here's hoping this place doesn't become a casino or worse yet a brothel,i'd hate to see Cody get an S.T.D.

Inventive ideal,once again good work mouser. :Thmbsup:  


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