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NANY 2012 Release: Chess PGN File Processor

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Funny comment on the much appreciated video:

The Narrator went for a "Scoresheet" approach, which certainly this program can do. I went for more of a "How few pages can I fit this file into so I can take it to the bar" style. If I recall it went from 2.5 games per page to like 8 games per page, turning a crushing 200 page file into something like 40 after I played with the fonts and nuked draws. : )

Haha Shameless Bump!

Paraphrasing Linus Torvalds:
"Wimps make backups. Real men submit NANY entries and get DC to host your file for you!"

I am getting back into some chess. But I quickly desperately needed some random games to look at in a bar this week! Rather than a particular opening, I wanted something general as an overview. So I decided on the games list from the "Amber 2011" tourney which specializes in quick and blindfold games.

"Stupid PGN files... Oh wait a minute..."

Tip: I forgot last time I made this that you often end up with dead space on the right side. The way you fix that is you change the font to Arial, which is skinnier than Courier, and then change the Character Count and then you get more text per line, and more games per page.

Wordpad tells me it chopped one particularly bad file down from 25 pages to 4!



After a few attempts, each months apart, to re-invigorate this little utility, I was sad when it seemed not to be working on my new (happens to be) Win 10 box.

Turns out, there was one of those aging problems where a couple of the old .Net files were missing from some versions of Windows, and probably many people collected them over the years, but each time I had tried, I was either too tired or else discouraged.

But it's up and running today, both on my main machine and an ancient ultra backup laptop!

But one day it may be interesting for someone to try a Version 2.0. Most notably, in the last couple of years, has added automated downloads of games, but they come with timestamps that confuse this program!

Of course, for "serious" studying, the heavy duty players have either Chessbase or something else, but this was always meant for a quick dash of a few games to look over at lunch or dinner.

I ended up just playing after looking at a couple of the test games, but a quick fix might be something like a regex on the or even a coding snack to slice out the timestamps.

More interesting as a Version 2.0 feature would be it can't handle commentary text, which simply vanishes. But I have no idea what specs from what or where I'd even want yet.

I'm just glad it's still usable with even my thin skills after all! So apparently it was fairly cleanly written after all! It has a .src file, which looks like source code.


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