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Steven Avery:

I am trying to see how TreeProjects has special use.  Clearly it handles the normal note functions fine, as you can see in its own help file. (As does RightNote and a number of others.) Then the reminder aspect is reasonable.  

Some other ideas have to do with stuff like URL referencing (for which I use Linkman, and it would be difficult to find a reason to duplicate that effort.)

Apparently it is savvy with Excel files, as in the pic above .. anything else ?  I gather it can be a type of traffic cop for pointing to, and searching, diverse data ?  However, not for creating an ad hoc database ?  Maybe an Excel one ?

Somebody who is using TreeProjects that wants to share a bit of how they use the program practically .. share away.  It has a nice relaxed look and feel, and potential.  I could easily see it being the preferred general note program, but that would be a decision made in comparison to the programs above.

What I am interested is how any special features get used in a practical level.  Or the reasons you find it the best.  If you are using it in synch with Excel files, that counts, even though I do not do much in that realm.

I am looking for good reasons to justify the discount purchase :) .  Presumably it may hold through the holiday tomorrow.  The reasons do not have to be overwhelming, simply solid and practical and likely to be used in the months ahead. In the long run, I do not mind having a couple of such programs in professional, paid versions.


My use is gathering and centralizing files and notes, I use the 'Enable special folder monitoring' and throw in pdf, txt and image files.
The 'manual' note taking part is the other part in which I either type in directly or use the clipboard capture (Ctrl+Alt+Ins or Ctrl+Alt+V).
I have several web pages saved too, it works well though it's not the fastest when you want to view the pages later and there is no editing after web page capture which I would like and seems to be on the roadmap.
The reminder feature can act as PIM alarm but it's not exactly a complete calendar app so I am not really using that feature.

Steven, I'm feeling the same way you do.  I did purchase it because of the discount and also because I'm trying to support authors who sound like they are dedicated to customers.  (Even though I'm afraid that the future doesn't look too good for Windows shareware authors...we'll see with the new Windows market thing this year).

But yeah, it's a decent program.  I still think RightNote is king right now.  RightNote does everything really well, and feature-wise is far more mature than this new program.  Like you said, the special folder monitoring is a neat unique feature.  I like the version history for each note.  Other than that, I can't think of anything else that makes me prefer it over RightNote.

Also...I seem to be developing a bit of a soft spot for these Russian/ex-Soviet software developers.  I don't know what it is...the Delphi programming, or what...but they usually make really snappy, feature-filled applications sort of against all odds.  Most American authors or other Western authors, in order to make a living, have had to ditch their software development ventures and give in to the "man" so the shareware/freeware world has really gone south for me in the last decade.  I'm telling you, I used to LOVE those little programs that would be all over the place years ago, but that era is coming to a close.  Again, I have high hopes for Windows 8 this year, please!!!  But then again, guys like mouser/skwire/all the other cats hanging around here are keeping the ship afloat.  I'm dead-convinced that these little freeware software have more skill/features/talent poured into it than MOST of the big and very expensive corporate software I have come across in the professional world.  I keep looking for the right opportunity to bring financial success for these small time developers and steal it away from the awful Oracles and mediocre Microsofts, etc. but I haven't figured out anything really great yet.  But it's there...there's something there.

Steven Avery:

And I agree that the Ruski and Ukraine contingent (some other Eastern European, too) when the developers are visible, have been very snappy, crisp .. and I consider that locale a plus, even though sometimes they sort of hide their locale.  The Chinese, on the other hand, while often technically competent, seem to be more adept at copying and marketing than any sort of software quality and innovation and design.  Thus Easeus has a decent reputation, a bit unusual, but basically just does the same thing as others. If I see a Bits or Giveaway from China, anonymous, I do a Moveaway.

Swift To-Do is a good example of the state-of the-art. Jiri Novotny is Czech (okay, a bit different culturally, and no cultural insult intended)  and clearly thinks out every aspect of design, much like our DonationCoder specialists. Incidentally, he mentioned that a Donation Coder discount is available, can that be handled ?   Yet Ilium Software (ListPro) is in A2 (Ann Arbor). Although the locale of a company is not always the developer.  BauerApps (RightNote) is South Africa, by the name likely an Afrikaans (Dutch origin) company.  I was curious on these quality smallish apps, so I just checked.

And I am not as pessimistic as some of the notes above.  What I think you have more is a shaking out of the unserious companies, the shareware model still seems to be working to an extent for the quality apps.  Remember they work with a potential base of millions, so if a small quality software ends up with 10,000 paid users, that can be a spot of change.  They do not have to take over the market.  Granted, though, it is not easy.  I'm not too sure what you see as the impending change, I saw an interesting article in the Hacker 2600 magazine in Barnes and Noble about Google trying to push a cloud computing puter, and working with their sample.  Is Microsoft making it much tuffer ?  I stlil use XP, mostly.

Back to Tree Projects - "gathering and centralizing files and notes" seems to be strong there.  Right now, you throw various stuff on the disk and look for it with Total Commander or Everything. Or a drill down navigation system where you keep your "stuff".  Maybe TreeProjects is one of the best repositories for finding and jumping back and forth ?  (Linkman is possible too, but I have not used it much this way, and it would not be as strong with combining notes.)  Is Tree Projects significantly stronger than RightNote here ?  Is this helpful enough to fulcrumize the purchase ?

The Tree Projects discount is not "must-jump" and we can ask him for a similar DC special, even for a short period, I really would like to try it out a bit.  I think at times he modularized the data entry.. step by step .. a bit too much .. so you have to hit enter or click ok and go to the next step.  I find that a bit unusual.  That was my main kvetch in my light usage.



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