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You Tube Download App Needed

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Can someone please send me a link to a GOOD (preferably free), app to download (and maybe also convert), YouTube videos from the net?
I've tried several different ones, and they were pretty sad. Am running XP Pro/SP3, 2GB RAM. Thank y'all very much.

Hard to suggest without knowing which you've used and didn't like. But I use the Video Download Helper add-on for Firefox and I've been quite happy with it. Read more/download it from here.

Please bear in mind that posts such as this tend to attract spammers!

^I'm aware of that.  :)

But the moderators have allowed the post to remain up for several hours now, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem responding. Especially since the question is from a supporting member.

Sorry. "My bad" as the saying (used to?) go.

(And as jgpavia's cautionary note suggests - probably best to take any one-line recommendations, posted half a minute after somebody just registered, with a grain of salt.  :Thmbsup:)

I wholeheartedly recommend jdownloader. Works with every browser and has some nicities (such as auto-title detect, which is big for me).


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