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Question about extra-large JPG

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It is hard to tell what is wrong with the large photo, but when I saved a renamed version with Quality=100% (in IrfanView) it was merely 720 kb - which on the other hand is too little! Even converted to 24-bits BMP it is still only 4½ MB. Weird problem.

Definitely this is a result of the recovery, or possibly the camera might be faulty as well. Looking into binary contents of the large file revealed many times repeated string "Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT". If this is the camera model then it looks like a part of firmware, which should not appear on the memory card, in my humble opinion. Fortunately all the viewers/editors I tried were able to dig through this pile of debris and get the valid data. The last file (0065.JPG) is overwritten with this kind of garbage completely, so there's probably nothing to restore.

The filesystem on the CF card was probably partially corrupted, leading to a FAT entry for the big image claiming it was much larger than it is.


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