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orboxb - nice simple but hard flash puzzle game

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Your goal is to guide your 'box' from start-point to end-point. The catch? You can only move in the four cardinal directions and you will only be stopped once striking an object. Don't worry, none of the other objects move or can hurt you, but that will hardly make your job any easier. As pure puzzle solving game with 30 levels, this one isn't the most innovative game you'll play this week, but it could very well be one of the most mind-bending.

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quite nice! just use cursor keys to move.

from the best place for flash game reviews,

im really enjoying this one - i don't generally love puzzle games but this one has a really nice balance of being able to "play" and experiment and a good balance of difficulty and not having to repeat annoying stuff when you fail.  plus it has the ethereal quality of being satisfying to interact with.

I'm supposed to be working on web sites....

Level 17 is hard on my brain....

nice games.

I LOVE this game!! :D
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Level 17 is hard on my brain....-Rover (March 25, 2006, 11:49 PM)
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I've just passed lvl 17 after like one million tries! It's unbelievabelly hard, and it's incredible how someone came up with it!


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