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In search of ... router recommendations

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Stoic Joker:
Tomato firmware?  As long as I'm gonna play, might as well go all the way  :P.  One of the things that has frustrated with the LinkSys is anything resembling bandwidth measurement or control.-barney (December 19, 2011, 02:55 PM)
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Not a clue on the Tomato firmware...I never have gotten around to playing with it (Perhaps I should on my (8+ year old) WRT54G before it dies).

I played with the LG DLNA thing for a bit, then shut the service down because it used too much CPU time *Shrug* Just not a media guy...

No router recommendations from me but I like Tomato quite a bit. More current than DDWRT, easier to use, less crash-prone (I haven't had to restart my router in... a while, can't remember the last time).

- Oshyan

I've seen several recommendations of Tomato over DD-WRT.  Suspect it'll be on the agenda once I make a decide on what router to get.  I haven't found anything on - durability? - router stability, endurance ... I don't know how to phrase it.  I'd like to find a Jeep router, not a Mercedes  :P.

Reviews (both from professional reviewers and consumers) have been very favorable in regards to the Netgear WNDR3700. The stock firmware is full-featured (even including a guest access mode) & for those who live on the edge, it's hefty CPU, flash storage space, and RAM make it an utter beast to run DD-WRT on.

Runs right around $90-100. For those who have to have the absolute latest, you can get the successor, the WNDR3800, for $30-50 more.

I detest Netgear as a general rule, but they've done enough right with these two routers that I'm considering putting my principles aside & buying one.

Now as to whether you go Tomato or DD-WRT depends on entirely what kind of user you are.

Tomato - Small, fast, simply elegant in design. Works well.

DD-WRT - A little buggier than Tomato on some releases, but that's due to it bringing all the Big Boy features of the $3,000+ routers to your little box & putting them at your fingertips. The words 'kitchen sink' and 'everything but' apply very well here.

Another factor in deciding what flavor firmware to run is that DD-WRT runs on a lot more devices than Tomato does.

(Oh, and the word you were looking for, Barney, is dependability. A router isn't worth a hoot unless it's always there like a workhorse when you need it.)

Did some digging in the [old] spares bin earlier today.  Remembered why I don't have much experience with NetGear - still have the first - and only - router of theirs that I ever bought.  Lasted about three (3) weeks.  However I'll take a look at the 3700/3800 ... any hardware vendor can make a mistake, equally as well as they can, from time to time, hit a home run.  Part of the decide, though, will likely be whether there's a DD-WRT/Tomato version for it.  I simply cannot afford a router with the editability/capability I'd like to have  :'( :P..


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