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In search of ... router recommendations

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No worries, just good to be aware of all options when you have time to actually properly look into it. But, as I said, unless your needs are very in-depth you might not even want to bother opening the can of worms that dedicated boxes like that and dedicated Linux router builds entail. Tomato does everything I need, we only use PFSense at work because we run a VPN between 4 locations and have multiple subnets and whatnot, plus network partitioning at each location for public/student and private/staff access.

- Oshyan

He-he-he  ;D.

My needs are not all that great - just a minor item of reliability - but I do like to bite off more than I can chew at that particular moment.  'Tis expansive, kinda like my belly  ;D.  Always room to learn a bit more  ;).  Anyhoo, I'll look at that box ... right after I install my ViDock ... next year  :(  :D.


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