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Listary Pro - good value at full price, 50% discount on BDJ today - 17 Dec 2011

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Listary Pro turned up on Bits du Jour today - I had never heard of it before, but it does the recent file/folder tricks very nicely and works with two applications which have proved difficult for similar products (CorelDraw and Firefox) so I have gone for it and bought 3 licences.  The freeware licence (for non-commercial users) would be a great asset to most people.

And again today, 2012-05-09.

Channing added some teasing comments about the forthcoming - it's not here yet  ;) Listary 4:

Channing Dai
Answer to one frequently asked question about find-as-you-type search (

The find-as-you-type search feature currently supports file open/save dialogs, Windows Explorer and xplorer2. It will support almost all file managers in Listary 4 (powered by Everything search

Listary 4 is almost finished and you can upgrade to it (and all future versions) for free if you purchase now.

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Channing Dai @Tore Hoyem
Thank you very much for your testimonial. Here are some of the major changes of Listary 4:
- Ultra fast full disk and subfolder search (using Everything as backend).
- Support for more file open/save dialog and application types
- Specifying behavior of Listary (like toolbar position and how to handle mouse/keyboard events) per application
- Fully customizable toolbar
- Fully customizable double click popup menu
- Setting your own icon for favorite and command items
- Improved performance and stability
- Smaller installer size
- And much, much more...

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i hv a slightly OT question. is it possible to turn off this "Find as You Type" (FAYT) feature? instead, i would like to use Listary for the "Quick Switch" feature and "Favorites" menu.

is it possible to turn off this "Find as You Type" (FAYT) feature? instead, i would like to use Listary for the "Quick Switch" feature and "Favorites" menu.-lanux128 (May 09, 2012, 06:32 AM)
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I'm using Version 3.51.819, last but one.  The Applications tab has these:

Application Settings: (only affect selected application in the list above)
  [ ]   Enable Listary for this application
  [X]   Track recent files and folders

But, even set like that, I don't think you can switch off FAYT without switching off the other features.  I don't actually use Favorites inside Listary, but I use Total Commander as my file manager.  Listary integrates well with TC (and several other file managers), understanding my TC favourites list.  I tried my editor Notetab Pro with the Listary settings above, and asked Notetab to open a file with the standard WIndows File Open dialog.  Alt-tabbing between TC and Notetab didn't switch the File Open dialog to the folder TC was pointing to.  You might contact the author to be sure, though.

@rjbull: thanks for the reply.. i also use totalcmd and so will look into the integration feature. i guess quick-switch function is a bit tricky as plenty of apps can't get it right.


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