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DONE: Datestamp internet explorer favorites to ease locating

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 :) Try the latest AddUrlTimeStamp I just oploaded!

- Ignores the Links folder, and urls starting with +.



i'll leave the icon to you, but i made you two screenshots if you want them:

 :tellme: It doesn't look too pretty with the underscore. Maybe a space is better? Try the ones I just uploaded. And remember to run the old RemoveUrlTimeStamp before replacing it!


yeah space is better - nice work. (ps. your icons for these tools are perfect, as always).

at the risk of beating a dead horse i just want to say i am LOVING this snack.

another nice thing about it is that, ironically the fact that new bookmarks dont get timestamped is actually a nice thing, because it makes it even easier to find bookmarks you have just recently added, until you want to update the timestamps.

i should have asked for this a long time ago - suddenly i can find the new bookmarks and see the order in which i added them..


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