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DONE: Datestamp internet explorer favorites to ease locating

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Four-digit year stamp is preferable... makes the file sort much more naturally if you have pre-2000 files :)

 :tellme: Do you get two digit year stamp? Maybe it's your Explorer settings? According to the AHK help file, it should be YYYYMMDDHH24MISS.


:tellme: Do you get two digit year stamp?
-skrommel (March 25, 2006, 10:44 AM)
--- End quote ---
Nono, don't worry, it was just in response to mouser's original post :)

let me try this sucker out.

absolutely brilliant.
works perfect, both add and remove!

and its VERY useful.  suddenly i can find the favorites i added because i know when i added them!

i have one request i had not thought of ahead of time:
the "Links" subdirectory of Favorites has a special meaning for IE engines - its used for the toolbar.

May I request that the Links subdirectory never be processed for ADDING (though you might as well process it for REMOVING, just in case).

And while i am requesting things, how about we add a way to make AddUrlTimestamp ignore a url file:
i propose a + as first character of filename be treated as an "ignore" flag, so AddUrlTimestamp should never add timestamps to urls that start with +.

this script is a real keeper for me, extremely useful.


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