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cartridges already digitized

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i'll keep an updated list here of tapes that have already been digitized and are not needed:


These are great.  I Played each of them today.  What a blast from the past.  lol  I noticed that the ScienceFiction tape track 1 is messed up.  I can re-record that if you want.  I have that 8-track.   it will serve as a test of my doing it.  lol  This looks really interesting.  I may even make a few new one for my kids if I can get the knack of it.  doesn't look too hard.  Well, least with the tools we have today I mean. 

What you asking for donation on this one?  I'd love to help support it. 

Looks like the entire thing is about, what 100mb?  That's not too bad at all...  Considering.  The all temporary internet files Zipped up to about 86Mb.  Each 8-track zipped is around 8 - 10 mb.   If that is the case I can Start encoding more tapes for you that I have and just zip them up in your format, for e-mail to you.  What do you think? 

Oh and BTW thanks for the link in the other thread to the resource with the rest of the scanned booklets.  Glad I didn't waste too much time digging around for the ones I have, cause they were already scanned...


it's always nice to meet another 2xl fan ( hey i need to add some 2xl icons to the smiley page  :huh: )

quick comment about donations - there are no specific amounts we ask for regarding donations, we just ask that people consider taking the time to make a donation, as they see fit.

but let me say, that i'd much rather have a donation of your time in digitizing some more tapes than a monetary donation any day.  It would be so great to get some more tapes available.  see my other post on finding more 2xl tapes and 2xls himself on ebay.

if you feel like doing it, pick a tape and figure out (i see you read my guidelines) how to digitize two tracks from it and either email them ([email protected]) or even easier just use anonymous ftp to upload them to and let me know.

then i can test them out and make sure they work ok and are in a good format before you do more.

also i'm happy to send you out via normal mail a regular cd with the full high-quality version of the 2xl emulator which uses local files on your hard drive, which would make it much easier for you to play and test your own recordings.  just send me your address and i'll put it in the mail right away.

and as far as this: "I may even make a few new one for my kids if I can get the knack of it.  doesn't look too hard.  Well, least with the tools we have today I mean. " - it would be so unbelievablly cool to have someone really make a new homebrew 2xl tape.  im not sure if you'd want to call him 3-xl, the sone of 2-xl or what :)

This sounds like something I'll hobby around with.  Been wanting to do something with this for years, and now After finding your site, you got me on a roll.  lol  I'm heading out of state for a little bit.  Have too head back east for some DC work.  But I'm be back home in December.  And I'll Do some encoding, happily. 

I was afraid to tell you I already tested it on the SWF file with a SWF player.  I just sort of reconstructed your site to play with it offline.   (basically I didn't want to be pulling it from your site each time eating up your bandwidth.  But I wanted to make sure you got credit for it.  I to do a little programing.  so I respect the shareware concept.  I'll try to get something out to you ASAP. 

LOL  here I am at 4:01 am I should be in bed and I found myself a new obsession.  lol  OHHH  nostalgia...


hehe cool :)

was just listening to the general tape again.
the best part of 2xl has to be his sense of humour.
a couple of minutes into the tape he asks you if you are a boy or a girl, if you dont push A or B,
he complains a bit and then he says something like this:

"i'm going to give you a new question now, but i better make it a pretty easy one, because if you don't know whether you are a boy or a girl, you are probably going to have trouble answering a couple of these.."
--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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