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[Withdrawn] NANY 2012: EasyNotes (Beta)

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I was just using Ctrl-V as an example. I think Tao's emphasis was on making all context menu items available from keyboard shortcuts, so that muscle-memory could be employed after using the program awhile.

Fantastic program, Stephen. I'm using it right now...
-kyrathaba (December 15, 2011, 09:40 AM)
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* Stephen66515 is confused
All the contextmenu items HAVE short-cuts already lol


* [Feature] Auto-Backup on crash

* [Feature] Auto-Save every 5 minutes

* [Feature] Lock Workspace

* [Feature] Password Protection

* [Fix] Minor Bugs
There is no default password, so when you first add one in the Settings window, you don't need to enter anything in the confirmation window.

All the contextmenu items HAVE short-cuts already lol
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LOL, My bad, Stephen.  I had a menu-suppression utility running so I could test a oCaml script.  So sorry!

hehe no worries at all :D

Hope you like the new version :)

More fun features coming soon!

I do like your program. I'm using it to work on a help file my my application :)


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