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AdBlock Plus To Not Block All Ads

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Yeah, they've been making that yellow-ish color lighter and lighter.  Very sneaky.

You can make them stand out in Google a whole lot more if you are using Firefox or K-Meleon.

Just add this to your userContent.css file:

--- ---  /* BEGIN Google ad tweaks */
 @-moz-document domain(""){
         border:5px solid red !important;
         border:5px solid red !important;
         border:5px solid red !important;
  /* END Google ad tweaks */
It will make it look like this:
AdBlock Plus To Not Block All Ads

Adjust the thickness and color of the borders as desired. Now you won't be clicking ads by accident.

If you don't want to see the ads at all, an even better hack is to change all 3 of them to display:none !important;

Google's answer to Adblockplus, sneaking static ads in between search results. lol I guess soon they'll mix the colors and it'll be hard to see if it's ad or not. I'm sure that advertisers are going to get ripped off if they get false clicks or bounced clicks, google is making damn money with this.
AdBlock Plus To Not Block All Ads
-mahesh2k (December 17, 2011, 03:51 AM)
--- End quote ---
How so is this "Google's answer to Adblockplus"? I don't understand. It doesn't seem to affect ABP - ABP blocks that too (I just checked - if I disable ABP then I will see these ads, but when ABP is enabled, I don't).
What am I missing here?

@app103 That CSS mod is rather nifty, thankyou. I shall use that for when I disable ABP and want to have the ads displayed but avoid them seeming to be part of my search results.
The CSS (script) shouldn't create much overhead.

Hehe, yeah, let's make all web ads obtrusive by CSS so ABP will have to block them all!

If you're going to use a CSS mod, why not mod the CSS to make the ads tiny/invisible?  :huh:


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